HDS Shock™

The heart of the HDS high performance system. Hundreds of ball bearings move in oil to absorb shock, vibration and chatter. Edges stay on the snow through chop and crud. This patented/patent pending invention is the result of 25+ years of research and testing. Also available as an add on to transform your existing skis.

Full-Flex Riser™

Our patented Riser allows moving the binding/riser back or forward for any conditions. Control the ski from the center of the binding (no dead zone between toe and heel). No premature binding release. Allows pure carving at any speed with more hold and power delivered to the edge.

100% Bamboo Skis

The strongest ski ever made, our unique one piece solid bamboo core has unparalleled rebound energy and torsional strength. HDS Shock technology uniquely harnesses the power of a solid bamboo core. The result: maximum efficiency and effortless carving.



Contact info

Ph: 720-515-4HDS (4437)